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New Jersey business faces millions in OSHA violation penalty fees

A company that operates in New Jersey is facing $1.9 million in penalties from the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The violations are many, a total of 51 safety and health violations were cited.

How many workers are hurt per year?

For those employed in a variety of occupations, different hazards are present on the job. For example, construction workers in Cherry Hill and other parts of New Jersey may suffer an injury after falling, being struck by an object or electrocuted. In office spaces, wet floors may cause a worker to slip and sustain an injury, while repetitive stress could leave an employee unable to carry out their job responsibilities. Regardless of the field you work in, it is vital to watch out for potential risks and you may want to realize just how widespread work injuries are.

Workers' Compensation Medical Benefits

NJSA 34:15-15 controls the provision of medical benefits available to an injured worker under the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act. This section of the statute provides that an injured employee is entitled to such medical treatment as is necessary to "cure and relieve" the injured worker from the compensable injuries. There is no definite time limit set for the medical treatment. The treatment is required to restore the function of the injured worker as completely as possible. When the authorized treating physicians determine that the injured worker has reached "maximum medical improvement" treatment generally ends. 


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