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Looking for solutions to wrong-way car accidents

It is about a two-hour drive from Cherry Hill to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The town is about a quarter of the size of our city, but it has something that we do not: inclusion in a National Transportation Safety Board study of wrong-way driving accidents.

The study looked at the severity of the crashes (they are among the worst possible car accidents), causes of the crashes and remedies for reducing wrong-way driving and head-on collisions.

In its investigation of a 2011 wrong-way collision in Carlisle, the NTSB found that an 87-year-old driver turned earlier than she meant to, and headed on to an interstate exit ramp. She apparently realized her error and tried to merge with traffic by making a 150-degree turn onto the interstate.

Unfortunately, a front tire on her vehicle struck a passing 18-wheeler. The collision spun her vehicle and caused her severe. The truck driver escaped the collision unscathed.

She died three weeks after the crash, however.

Unsurprisingly, drivers who mistakenly entered highway exits were a common cause of high-speed, wrong-way, head-on collisions.

NTSB also found that older drivers have a higher involvement in wrong-way collisions than other drivers. The federal agency states that "wrong-way drivers over the age of 70 account for about 15 percent of the wrong-way drivers involved in such collisions."

Drivers and passengers injured in wrong-way crashes, and the families of drivers and passengers killed in wrong-way accidents, can with a Cherry Hill personal injury and wrongful death attorney pursue legal claims against those responsible.

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