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New Jersey parents in mourning

Sometimes it seems as if the universe is an unjust place. We read recently in a New Jersey newspaper of a designated driver who was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. The 29-year-old designated driver was a former New Jersey resident whose parents still live in Gloucester County.

The U.S. Coast Guard information systems technician was killed in a wrong-way highway crash on his way to pick up his wife, who had been at a party. He did not drink, according to the NJ.com article, and often served as a designated driver.

Much of the attention to the fatal collision in Virginia has been paid to the other driver, who is a former star of the reality TV show "Little Women: Atlanta." According to a news report, Melissa Ann Hancock, 25, of Virginia Beach, had an open alcohol container in her car when police arrived at the crash scene.

She admitted that she had consumed two to four alcoholic drinks before driving.

She smelled of alcohol, officers reported and her blood alcohol content was measured at 0.112 percent. The legal limit in Virginia is the same as it is in New Jersey: 0.08 percent.

She faces several charges, including assault/maiming while driving while intoxicated, driving the wrong way and failing to obey a highway sign. A prosecutor said other charges are possible in the aftermath of the man's death in a Virginia hospital a day after the crash.

We can only imagine the grief his parents are going through at this moment.

People who lose a loved one in a drunk driving accident can speak to an attorney experienced in personal injury and wrongful death litigation about a vigorous pursuit of justice.

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