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Zealous, Compassionate And Skillful Legal Counsel After A Head Injury

Last updated on October 25, 2022

A car accident, a fall or another traumatic event can lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – often with devastating consequences. Both medically and legally, a TBI case presents challenges for professionals who seek to evaluate a sufferer’s condition. A closed head injury’s effects may be difficult to document, but to a patient and their family members, the impact can be life-changing for the worse.

At the law firm of Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C., New Jersey personal injury attorneys regularly work with people who have suffered serious head injuries. Our lawyers help clients recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Ways We Can Help You After An Accident Resulting In A TBI

First of all, we will always listen and take you seriously, whether you are someone recovering from a head injury or a close family member of someone who has been seriously hurt in an accident, fall or any type of traumatic event. We will also go to great lengths to put you in contact with the right medical experts, such as top-notch neurologists and neuropsychologists. Not only do we want to help your case move forward, but, more importantly, we want you to get all the care you need and deserve. Through our networks, we will help you find the perfect health care providers who can accurately evaluate and treat your symptoms, including those that are difficult to prove, such as:

  • Migraine headaches;
  • Dizziness and a poor sense of balance;
  • Moodiness and/or personality change;
  • Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating; and
  • Hidden damage deep within your brain, such as hydrocephalus or a contusion.

Regardless of whether you lost consciousness when you suffered a TBI, our investigation will be thorough if we take your case. We will work hard to get a detailed understanding of your losses and will prepare a compelling  case on your behalf before any claims adjuster, jury or judge.

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At Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C.,  we offer free initial consultations. To discuss your accident, injuries, and needs in recovery, contact us at 856-528-7991 or send us an email message. We serve clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We represent clients on a contingency basis, so you will not owe any attorneys’ fees until and unless we recover compensation for you.