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Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

If you suffered considerable injuries or a serious long-term illness due to your work conditions, then you may be eligible for permanent partial disability benefits. Eligibility requires that your injury has rendered you partially disabled and unable to perform your job functions.

Understanding Permanent Partial Disability Eligibility Requirements

In New Jersey, eligibility for permanent partial disability is determined by a two-prong test. To receive permanent partial disability benefits, you must show sufficient evidence of your medical restrictions, disabilities or injuries. You must also show that your disability or illness has made it difficult to perform your job.

After you have reached a point where further medical treatment will not improve your condition, a doctor will determine whether your injury or illness has left a permanent impairment. You will receive permanent partial disability benefits over a series of weeks based on a schedule of benefits. The amount that you receive is calculated based on the percentage of your disability depending on the body part injured.

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