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When a personal injury, a construction accident or a slip-and-fall accident results from someone else’s negligence, there may be an opportunity to recover compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. These accidental injuries each have their own legal parameters, depending on whether it is a car accident, workplace accident or a premises liability claim.

Regardless of the type of injury, working with personal injury attorneys from the law firm of Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C. in Cherry Hill, gives New Jersey residents an advantage thanks to our years of experience and track record of results. We also represent clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We can assist you with any of the following personal injury matters, among others:

Personal Injury Lawyers Dedicated To Assisting Injured Clients

Since 1977, the personal injury lawyers at Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C. have been dedicated to helping injured people throughout Camden County and beyond recover compensation. Whether an injury occurred in one’s private life such as in a motor vehicle accident, or in the course of employment, our personal injury attorneys will advise and represent you with one goal: to help. We aim to help all injury victims recover all compensation and benefits for which they are eligible.

Our personal injury clients have often suffered serious and catastrophic injuries or lost loved ones to fatalities. They need compensation to pay for medical care. They have endured pain and suffering. They are likely to lose income because of their inability to work. Sources of financial support may come from one or more of the following:

  • A verdict or settlement from a lawsuit against a property owner or negligent party and/or pertinent insurance carriers
  • Workers’ compensation benefits for workplace accidents, including medical treatment for life for the specific injury
  • Social Security disability benefits when an injury leaves a victim unable to work for a year or more

Insurance companies tend to play a significant role in most personal injury cases and will fight aggressively to defend their financial interests. As experienced accident attorneys, we are not afraid to stand up to their heavy-handed tactics and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Should You Seek Medical Care After An Accident?

As a general rule, you should always seek medical care after any type of accident if you are experiencing pain or other serious symptoms. If you were involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is a good idea to be examined by a doctor even if you have mild symptoms.

There are at least two reasons for this. First, pain and injuries do not always present themselves immediately – especially when masked by adrenaline. Therefore, you could be injured and not realize it. Second, you will likely need medical records and documentation of your injuries later in order to file an insurance claim or to seek compensation in a personal injury suit. In both cases mentioned above, it is better to seek care and not need it than to do the opposite.

When Should You Contact A Personal Injury Attorney?

After any injurious accident, seeking medical care should be the top priority. In the case of motor vehicle accidents, you will likely also need to stay at the scene to help police create an accident report.

Once the immediate aftermath of the injury is over, it is to your advantage to contact an attorney relatively soon. When you contact our personal injury attorneys, for instance, we can communicate directly with insurance companies on your behalf. You won’t need to worry about answering questions or accidentally saying something that the insurance company may try to use later on to weaken your case. Additionally, by starting the investigation into your accident immediately, we can ensure that evidence is preserved and maximize your legal options.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

Perhaps the two most important factors you should look for are experience and success on behalf of previous clients. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers has been practicing personal injury law for more than 45 years. In that time, we have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been injured at work or harmed by the negligence of others. No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case, but our legal track record shows how effective we are in the courtroom and how committed we are to each and every client.

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At Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C., we pride ourselves on our willingness to help those who need our services, beginning with free initial consultations. Learn how our personal injury lawyers can assist you and your family after a serious accidental injury by calling 856-528-7991 or sending us an email message through this website. We represent clients in Cherry Hill and Camden, as well as throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

If we agree to represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis. This means you will not owe any attorneys’ fees until and unless we recover compensation for you.