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Addressing Problems In The Workers’ Compensation Process

If you suffer an injury at work, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to help cover your lost wages and medical expenses. However, the workers’ compensation process can be complicated, and problems can arise that derail your benefits and your financial security.

Many common problems in the workers’ compensation process involve your employer failing to follow up on your claim or not following the proper steps. If your employer does not file the necessary paperwork by the deadline, you could face delays and even denials. You should always follow up with your employer to ensure that they submit any necessary paperwork.

Another common problem is employers denying or downplaying your injuries by declaring that the injuries are not as serious as you claim or that you received them outside of work. Sometimes, employers may even try to intimidate and pressure employees into coming back to work before they are medically ready to do so. If you face this problem, the attorneys at Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C. can help you gather relevant evidence, such as witness statements and medical records, to prove your case.

After submitting your workers’ compensation claim, you must wait for the insurance company to make a decision. Sometimes, the insurer will wrongfully deny a claim due to mistakes or oversights. After a denial, you can file an appeal to fight for the benefits you deserve. However, the appeals process can be complicated. The lawyers at Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C. can help you investigate why the denial occurred and build a strong case to help you get the benefits you need.

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