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Seeking Justice For Injured Pedestrians

While we put a lot of faith in crosswalks, road signs, and stoplights to keep us safe when traveling on foot, too often, pedestrians are still hurt by careless drivers. When these accidents happen, the victims need an experienced local law firm that can help them fight for the compensation they need and deserve. If you have been injured on roads such as Route 70, Route 38, Route 73, Haddonfield-Berlin Road, Kresson Road, Church Road, or anywhere else in our community, we are here to help.

At Jacobs, Schwalbe & Petruzzelli, P.C., we have been helping clients recover millions of dollars in their personal injury claims for more than 45 years. We do everything in our power to maximize our clients’ compensation.

Getting Fair Compensation

Part of what makes us such successful personal injury attorneys is that we know that every case we take is unique and so are the needs of our clients. When we accept a new client, we take the time to understand the individual factors of his or her case to seek the fair and full compensation he or she deserves for serious injuries such as:

Whether you were hit by someone in a car or truck, or on a scooter or motorcycle, the consequences of these accidents can be devastating and permanent. We fight to ensure that the compensation you receive for your injuries will extend well beyond the initial impacts of your injuries and cover future costs as well. We are prepared to fight for you through litigation, negotiation, and trial to make that goal a reality.

Let Our Team Stand For You

If you need a New Jersey lawyer you can trust with your future to help make you whole after your pedestrian accident, contact us today for a free consultation. Call our office at 856-528-7991 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step in reaching the outcome you deserve in your claim.